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Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center finds the perfect partner in OPB

Finding forever homes for furry friends takes a community and the support of people and partners who know it takes more than good intentions to run a nonprofit.

Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center rescues animals in the Roseburg community and facilitates more than 1,100 pet adoptions each year. As challenging as the work can be, the adoptions make their efforts worth the hard work, says Wendy Kang, former executive director.

“Watching an animal find their forever home never gets old,” Wendy says.

Sometimes the right match can take time; other times it happens like magic. “There are times when it only takes a matter of hours for the right person to walk in and fall in love,” she says.

Saving Grace was founded in 2001 to take over shelter operations from Douglas County Animal Shelter and has grown to meet the needs of the community since.

“Our mission is to champion, promote and protect the human/animal bond through responsible pet ownership,” Wendy says.
The nonprofit takes in more than 3,000 animals a year. Many are strays that Saving Grace seeks to reunite with owners, while others are feral cats that are spayed or neutered before being returned to their colonies.

It takes a lot of dedication, Wendy says, and she appreciates the help she’s received from the Oregon Pacific Bank team. “Oregon Pacific Bank has been a great partner,” she says. “As a nonprofit, one of the things that we very much appreciate is working with locally owned businesses, because we know that we are a member of this community, and we want to have relationships with other businesses whose focus is our local community.”

Wendy says she’s quick to recommend Oregon Pacific Bank and believes that our banking team looks out for the needs of their customers and the community.

She says there’s also one other key benefit to being an Oregon Pacific Bank customer when it comes to service: “Their drive-thru window gives out the best dog treats, and my dog can’t get anywhere near Oregon Pacific Bank without getting really excited.”

Wendy served as executive director of Saving Grace for 11 years. In September 2020, she turned the leadership reins over to Megan Gram, who continues to guide the nonprofit and build up on its partnerships in the Roseburg community.

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