Relationship banking at OPB goes that extra step for businesses

As the owner of Umpqua Valley Tractor in Roseburg, Guy Kennerly knows what it takes to run a successful small business and understands the value of having a good relationship with his bank, Oregon Pacific Bank.

“Relationship banking, to me, means you know everybody in there; you call the person you need, and you get a human on the phone. And I know them by name, and they know me by name,” Guy says.

Umpqua Valley Tractor not only serves as a dealership for Kubota tractors and machinery, but the company also services customers’ equipment. Having banked with OPB for many years, he calls on them whenever his business needs require it. “It’s a daily thing for us, running several businesses. They’re just easy to deal with, and that’s what I like the most about them.”

A good example would be when Guy was putting together the deal for Umpqua Valley Tractor to serve as a Kubota dealership. “We had to have a bunch of financial information for Kubota, and it was very detailed. The bank stepped right up and took care of all that. That was a big deal for us.”

Relationship banking goes above and beyond transactional banking, says Anita Cox, Guy’s banker at OPB.

“Our business clients know we have their back. They count on us to look after them. They don’t want to be a number; they want you to know them,” Anita says.

Relationship banking allows a financial institution to understand your business’ unique challenges, needs and concerns, and provides clients with five key benefits:

  • Personalized customer service
  • Reliable support
  • Agility to get your needs addressed quickly
  • Convenient access to your banker
  • A level of trust that you can count on

“There is a lightbulb moment when people realize that you’re really there for them – we’re actually meeting their needs. And as needs change, it’s rewarding to see them grow in their business,” Anita adds.

What’s most important for Guy is that his bank is willing and able to help him meet his short- and long-term financial goals. “If you want a relationship with somebody – with a bank that’s going to stand by you for a long time – this is the bank you need to be with. It’s a personal relationship. It’s all local, and I like to stay local,” Guy says.

Oregon Pacific Bank believes in local businesses and growing with them, too, Anita adds. Like Umpqua Valley Tractor, “they start out at a certain level and then their needs change – whether that’s a different type of account relationship, maybe it’s a line of credit with a loan – and we grow with them, and that’s the exciting part.”

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