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Old 99 Brewing Co

Old 99 Brewing and Oregon Pacific Bank: Mastering their crafts

Hard work and dedication are what make Old 99 Brewing Co. stand out. A long-time dream of three friends – Matt Hill, AJ Tuter and Bryan Ireland – this craft brewery got its start in a Roseburg garage in 2009 and became a licensed operation just four years later.

With a focus on community and a shared love of craft beer, Old 99 Brewing is constantly evolving, adapting to industry changes and growing in healthy ways. In order to sustain their flourishing business, they needed a bank that understood their goals.

“We chose Oregon Pacific Bank because it was clear that they wanted to see our small business succeed,” says Ashley Tuter, co-owner. “They have given us the opportunity to grow, which in turn helps our community in many ways. The bank is also very involved in our community – and it shows.”

Old 99 Brewing Co. counts on us for their business checking, debit cards, loan services and on-line banking. Being able to trust us for their banking needs, means they can focus on creating the perfect batch of craft beer, which is always their highest priority.

With a staff consisting of friends and family, Ashley says, they are thankful for those who have helped them thrive.

“Our journey has been one of adventure and learning,” she says. “The support we’ve received has been paramount to our success.”

In addition to being easily accessible, Ashley says they appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness of our bankers.

“Everyone is so attentive and personable. Whenever we have an issue or need something done, they are just a phone call away. Oregon Pacific is different because it’s apparent they can see the big picture. You can tell they want you to succeed because of the time and effort they put into each customer.”

Oregon Pacific Bank is honored to work with such a pioneering, community-minded company. We believe in entrepreneurs and enjoy celebrating their accomplishments.

Cheers to Old 99 Brewing – we can’t wait to taste what you’ll brew next!

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