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Dr. Carmina Angeles keeps operating with help from OPB

Neurosurgeon Carmina Angeles improves the lives of her patients every day.

“I enjoy my line of work because I have patients who come to see me in severe pain, severe disability and difficulty walking,” she says. “I’m able to perform a surgery that makes a difference in their life and give them their life back.”

The work takes long hours. A typical day starts at 7 in the morning and runs into the late evening. That kind of time commitment makes it hard to get to other daily, business-related tasks.

Fortunately, Dr. Angeles has found a solution when it comes to her banking needs. Oregon Pacific Bank’s remote access tools make it easy for her to review her accounts any time of the day or night. But more than that, if she needs an answer to a question, Dr. Angeles can reach someone at OPB immediately.

“Banking at Oregon Pacific Bank is a unique experience,” she says. “Prior to that, I was banking with a national chain and the relationship was very impersonal. I had to call into a phone bank. With Oregon Pacific Bank, I just dial one number and I reach a live person.”

Dr. Angeles has been an OPB customer for five years. “When I have a banking question, I can easily call Jeanette,” she says. “She’s very cheerful on the phone and right away eager to help me or find someone who can help me.”

Jeanette Beard, Relationship Banking Officer at OPB’s Eugene branch, says she knows how much a good relationship means to her customers. A recent example of exceptional customer service was the assistance Dr. Angeles received with a loan through the federal Paycheck Protection Program.

“When the pandemic hit, it was amazing how Jeanette contacted me about the opportunity for the PPP loan,” Dr. Angeles says. “It gave me security that I can stay afloat through the pandemic.”

Jeanette says she reached out because she tries to be on the lookout for her customers’ needs. “Dr. Angeles has employees, and she wanted to be able to stay open and stay in business,” Jeanette says. “I just felt that it was important for Dr. Angeles to know that these options were available to her.”

Dr. Angeles says the program made a difference, and she appreciated the timely help when she needed it. “My relationship with Oregon Pacific Bank allows me to stay focused on taking care of my patients,” she says.

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