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Home Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning

Home Comfort Heating and OPB create a climate for business

Jeff Elling’s customers love that his heating and cooling company is family-owned and operated. And, by offering a wide range of services, he is able to more efficiently meet the needs of his customers while providing a good value and peace of mind.

With convenience and customer service being the pillars of his own business, Jeff expects the same from his bank. When he was looking to refinance one of his properties and wasn’t getting the timely response he expected, he found himself frustrated. Then, he found Oregon Pacific Bank, and we were happy to help.

“I would highly recommend Oregon Pacific Bank to anyone who is looking to make a change from another banking institution,” says Jeff, the second generation to own and operate Home Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning in Eugene.

Owning and operating a business and ensuring that his customers’ needs are met in a timely manner means that Jeff needs a bank that he, too, can rely on—which is why he now puts his trust in us to handle his real estate loans and meet his robust cash management needs.

The layout and ease of using our online commercial banking system has made things simple, he says. He can even scan checks at his office any day of the week, which he finds particularly convenient.

Jeff says he appreciates the lack of red tape he encounters when banking with OPB and enjoys the ease of getting things done without a lot of unnecessary hurdles, paperwork or high fees. He also values our competitive interest rates. But the biggest difference for Jeff is the people who take care of him every step of the way—from the time he walks through the door to the handshake when he leaves.

“They understand that I’m a customer and not just another depositor who needs a bank to operate,” he says.

Founded in 1992 by Jeff’s father, Wally Elling, who is now retired, this family-owned business offers heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical services for both residential and commercial facilities in Eugene. Being able to fulfill all of his customers’ heating and cooling needs means performing all trades at one location—whether it be full mechanic service, maintenance or installation.

Today, Jeff is proud to deliver the same great service Eugene customers have come to appreciate. And we are proud to serve him.

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