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Hole in the Wall BBQ finds comfort in community bank

Together, Hole in the Wall BBQ and Oregon Pacific Bank bring a lot to the plate.

With its savory ribs, smoked brisket and pulled pork, Hole in the Wall BBQ has been a favorite of customers in Eugene and Springfield since they first opened nearly 30 years ago.

It’s homestyle, hearty side dishes are popular, too, including the coleslaw that Richard Becker makes in strict accordance with his mother’s recipe – “I wouldn’t dare change it,” he says.

Customers keep coming back because they know what to expect, Richard says. “I guess the best thing we’re known for is comfort food,” he says. “You just feel good about it.”

That comfort level extends to how Richard does business, as well. Fostering relationships with people he trusts is vital to his operation, which is why he’s glad to have found Oregon Pacific Bank.

Richard has been self-employed since he was 18 years old, following in the footsteps of his father. Having a banker around the business when he was growing up was just how things were done. “It seemed like they were always part of the family,” he recalls.

That thought came back to him one day while Richard was talking with his accountant. “You know what?” he said. “I miss having a good banker that you can bounce things off of.”

His accountant referred him to Dave Williams at Oregon Pacific Bank, and the two hit it off immediately.

“I’d say five minutes into the conversation, I knew this was the kind of guy that I wanted to do business with,” Richard says. “I’m telling you: it’s just so refreshing to have a banker ask, ‘What can we do for you to help you?'”

Dave, a Commercial Relationship Manager at our Eugene branch, says OPB emphasizes having more than just transactional relationships with clients.

“It is a true relationship,” he says. “Every business is going to have their struggles, and they need to know that their banker is going to be there with them.”

Richard says he’s seen a lot of restaurants come and go, and it takes a lot of planning to look out for the interests of his customers and employees. Dave is easy to reach and always ready to discuss any ideas or concerns he might have, he says.

As a result, Hole in the Wall BBQ uses a full slate of OPB services that help the business run smoothly and keep hungry customers coming back for more.

“It’s a great community bank,” Richard says. “You’re dealing with a friend. It feels like a family member … It’s been the best move that we’ve ever made.”

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