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Gib’s RV keeps rolling with the help of OPB

Gib’s RV Superstore has been serving the Coos Bay community and beyond for more than 70 years. They sell and service new and used RVs, from towable travel trailers to motor homes. Their customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common.

“They’re all looking for fun and making memories and having some adventures,” says Lisa Larkin, co-owner of Gib’s.

Lisa’s own adventure with Gib’s began in 2013, when she and her husband, Ray, and longtime sales manager Bob Schultz decided to buy the business. Oregon Pacific Bank was with them from the start to help ensure all of their banking needs were met.

“(OPB) made the transition from the previous owners to us as seamless as possible,” Lisa recalls. What she appreciated most, she says, is that our community-minded banking team was already familiar with their business.

“We weren’t just dealing with the bank, we were dealing with individual people that knew our business, cared about our business and cared about the community, to be able to help us be successful,” she says.

Bob says the company’s relationship with OPB goes back to the financial crisis of 2009, when many businesses were struggling.

“The big box bank informed us that they weren’t going to deal with dealers our size,” Bob recalls. “That’s when the previous owner got together with Deena at Oregon Pacific Bank, and Gib’s RV has been with Oregon Pacific Bank ever since.”

Deena Gisholt, Commercial Relationship Manager at our Coos Bay Branch, is proud of her team and their ability to help customers when they need it. Part of that, Deena says, is taking the time to visit the customer’s business in person and to better understand their needs.

“Our goal is to always take care of our customer,” Deena says. “The goal in banking is to provide customer service and to take care of the banking needs of your clients, and so it’s really rewarding when you can help someone through the process.”

These in-person visits have impressed Lisa and, she says, she has enjoyed building a relationship with our banking team. “They’re very personable — not only do we go there, but they come here,” she says. “They’re very good about staying in contact and talking with us, understanding our business, looking around at what our business does.”

Lisa also acknowledges the bank’s community commitments. “I love that Oregon Pacific Bank is a part of Coos Bay, Coos County in all kinds of forms other than just being a banker,” she says. “They’re good partners with the community and get involved in the community, and that’s very special to us.”

Bob agrees: “Oregon Pacific Bank, they get it. They get that this is a small community, and they get our needs, as far as our goals and what we’re trying to do,” he says.


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