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Apex Recycling & Disposal

Apex Recycling & Disposal, OPB have customer care in common

Sam Miller is a dedicated man. He has been with his Eugene-based company, Apex Recycling & Disposal, since its beginning—having joined the company when he was 13 years old, working in every area of the company to gain the experience needed to one day take over for his dad. Today, he serves as owner and operator.

Also a loyal banking customer, Sam was faithful to his bank for over 20 years. When his bank was bought out, he was unsure whether to continue with the new bank or look for a new banking partner.

Adhering to the motto: “You take care of the customer and they will take care of you”—which he heard time and time again from his father, Sam strives to treat customers like people, not another account. And, he expects his bank to treat him the same, which is why he decided to make the switch to Oregon Pacific Bank.

“I came to understand that Oregon Pacific Bank is the type of bank that cares about their business customers, and they have a deep desire to provide outstanding service,” Sam says. And, the best part is that Sam already knew and trusted many of the team members at Oregon Pacific Bank, because they worked at his previous bank.

Sam says we have proven to be a bank he can rely on—one that is big enough to meet his financial needs but small enough to know him and understand his company. Sam utilizes our business checking and commercial loan services.

“The best part about Oregon Pacific Bank is the flexibility they have for some of our unique needs and how willing they are to find a solution that will work for our business,” he says.

Apex Recycling & Disposal fills an essential need in Eugene too, by providing trash, recycling and yard debris services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. The company’s history began in 1979, when Sam’s father, Arnie Miller, bought Apex and then purchased Lane Garbage Service and merged the two companies a year later.

Apex Recycling & Disposal, previously Lane Apex Disposal, has grown and evolved since its inception, and Sam has seen firsthand the changes that have come with new technology as it’s been incorporated into waste collection.

Sam’s son, Connor, will join the family-owned business when he finishes college next year. Grateful for the opportunity his father gave him to be a part of the company, Sam is looking forward to working alongside his son and providing him similar opportunities.

As their bank, we are happy to serve Sam and his family-owned and operated company and see it continue to evolve over time and generations.


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